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Outside Bet
Outside Bet
Casting: actorBob Hoskins actorVincent Regan actorAdam Deacon actorJenny Agutter
Genres: genre Comedy

movie Set against the backdrop of the turbulent mid 1980's, a life-long group of friends, Smudge (Bob Hoskins), Shirley (Jenny Agutter) and Threads (Philip Davis) find themselves on the wrong end of money, privatization, unions and dramatic media evolution, with a poor redundancy pay-out after their newspaper printing company goes bust. Their only hope of salvation lies in investing their savings into a racehorse, hoping that one final race can turn their fortunes around. However, the trio soon fin...

Premiere: April 27, 2012
Duration: 1hr. 41min.

Payback Season
Payback Season
Casting: actorAnna Popplewell actorLeo Gregory actorNichola Burley actorAdam Deacon
Genres: genre Drama

movie Hot shot Premiership footballer Jerome seems to have it all - a luxury flat, a fast car, any girl he wants, and a booming career. A vast contrast to the council estate life he left behind. Following a run-in with his old estate crew, his world is turned upside down as he gets caught up in the gangland ways his friends still pursue, and before long finds himself being extorted by the dealers, crooks and dropouts he used to hang around with. Adding to this is his younger brother Arron, who fin...

Premiere: March 9, 2012
Duration: 1hr. 31min.
Everywhere and Nowhere
Everywhere and Nowhere
Casting: actorAdam Deacon actorAlyy Khan
Genres: genre Musique

movie From Menhaj Huda, the Award Winning Director of ‘Kidulthood’ comes ‘Everywhere & Nowhere’, a coming of age drama about friends torn apart by choices, set in London's fast-paced clubland. Like any rebellious teenager, Ash (played by newcomer James Floyd) has to navigate through the minefield of his strict family life and secret liaisons, over a roller-coaster of a weekend, to gain his ultimate dream of becoming a club DJ.

Premiere: May 6, 2011
Duration: 1hr. 36min.
Bonded By Blood
Bonded By Blood
Casting: actorVincent Regan actorKierston Wareing actorTerry Stone actorAdam Deacon
Genres: genre Crime

movie Essex, 1995. A small group of men dominate the local crime scene through fear and uncompromised brutality. Tony Tucker, patrick Tate and Craig Ralfe are known as the most feared criminals across the south of England through their monopoly over the local drugs trade and popular club scene. But in a world where loyalties are constantly tested and cast fortunes are at stake, your closest friend can quickly become your worst enemy, and before long the boys find themselves in a life or death situ...

Premiere: September 3, 2010
Duration: 1hr. 40min.

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